At Skill Stone Ltd we offer a diverse range of cleaning methods with varying pressures depending on what surface is to be cleaned. Our experienced team can provide you with the utmost quality finish, removing any amount of dirt, algae or time induced pollution leaving your stonework back to it’s original condition.

Sat-Blast (Wet Blast) – TORC Equivalent.

The TORC equivalent system doesn’t need a lot of water to operate and works with a fine granulate with low pressure. These components together make a small swirling vortex. The nozzle can be changed on the TORC equivalent system to suit different types of cleaning work. A large nozzle would be used if for example, a large area were to be cleaned with a cement based application of paint. The delicate application of the TORC equivalent system ensures any substrate is left as it was.

Deep Steam Clean – DOFF Equivalent

The DOFF equivalent system uses the deep clean primarily using steam, yet achieves temperatures that surpass any alternative steam cleaning system. At 150°C the DOFF equivalent cleaning system manages to remove even the toughest biological substances and paintwork. We also provide systems that will provide:

Fire/smoke spoiled surface cleaning,
Water/flooding spoiled surface cleaning,
Paint cleaning,
Facade cleaning
Graffiti removal.
Dry-Blast Cleaning

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