Northampton Railway Station – Concrete Pillars, Rafters & Infills

In early May 2015, we played a huge part in the rejuvination of Northampton Railway Station. There were multiple stages to the job including removing layers of paint built up over years from concrete columns using a specialist process that entails the use of a needle gun. The pillars were re-faced and given a new application of paint with the same treatment being applied to the above rafters. Concrete infills were provided to re-strengthen selected columns and were either given a rounded or straight finish depending on the location of the column.

Lincoln Railway Station – Gables and Chimneys

In mid September 2015, the historic chimneys and coping stones were delicately restored with the use of specialist restoration materials. Re-pointing works were carried out leaving a clean, neat finish back to their original condition. Intricate stonework on the pier caps was carefully redressed and weathered brickwork was replaced with new to match the existing.

York Railway Station – Pillaster Restoration

In Mid 2012, during the war, this historic piece of architecture was left in flames which severely damaged the fabric of the stonework. Thanks to our team’s speciailist techniques and passion, we completely restored the pillaster back to it’s former itself giving a complete restoration and re-point treatment using an original heritage recipe of lime mortar

Darlington – Clock Tower Restoration

In Mid 2012, the Darlington Clock Tower had multiple re-pointing and stone repair works using specialist tools, materials and mortar. Due to the shear altitude in which the clock face stands, to carry out the repairs our operatives were raised on one of the largest cherry pickers available.

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